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Mutes silence an individual and prevent them from sending messages or joining voice channels for a given amount of time.


Mutes require a one-time initial setup for ClemBot to create the mute role and to apply it to all the channels. This might take a while, depending on how many channels your server has. To avoid a heavy startup load, the bot will prompt you to initialize the role when you run the mute command for the first time. After the initial setup is complete, it will then apply the mute as normal.


If you have a large server with many channels, this initial setup can take a minute or two due to Discord's rate-limits. Do not worry though, as once the mute role is set up, the bot will mute the user as requested.

Duration String

ClemBot supports time strings to specify how long a mute should last. For example, to mute someone for 12 hours you would use the string 12h. To mute someone for twelve days and thirty minutes you would use the string 12d30m...and so on in any combination you desire.

Available Options

Time DurationSymbol or PhraseExample(s)
YearY, y, year, years2y
MonthM, month, months2M
Weekw, W, week, weeks2w, 3W
Dayd, D, day, days5D, 2d
HourH, h, hour, hours10h, 20H
Minutem, min, minute, minutes30m, 10min
SecondS, s, sec, second, seconds45s, 1sec

The string needs to be in descending order, i.e., 1y4m1w2d5h2m30s.
This duration string translates to 1 year, 4 months, 1 week, 2 days, 5 hours, 2 minutes, 30 seconds.



Required Claims

  • moderation_mute


!mute @User <duration> [reason]


!mute @User 1d1h Spamming and trolling


Remove an active mute from a user, with an optional reason.


Un-muting a user does not remove the infraction from them.

Required Claims



!unmute @user [reason]


!unmute @myfriend
!unmute @smatep Are you going to admit that C# is better than Java now?